Israel 2019, 84 min, Chinese, Hebrew & English subtitles

The film follows three successful Chinese women who despite their thriving careers still live with the derogatory label: Leftover Women – a term used in China to describe educated, professional women in their mid-20s who are not married.
With 30 million more men than women, the social stability of China is under threat, and single women are perceived as the solution to the problem. As they search for “Mr. Right”, they struggle to stay true to their personal and professional ambitions, while dealing with pressure from their families, friends, and a government that has launched a campaign to stigmatize unwed women.

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Directors: Shosh Shlam, Hilla Medalia
Production: Hilla Medalia, Shosh Shlam, Vesna Cudic (executive Producer), Mati Kochavi (executive Producer), Maya Kochavi (executive Producer, Adi Kochavi (executive Producer), Yone Wiesenthal (executive Producer)
Production Company: Medalia Productions, Shlam Productions
Editing: Joelle Alexis
Music: Ran Bagno
World Sales: Vesna Cudic (


Award winning director and producer, Shosh Shlam has made internationally acclaimed documentaries such as 'Be Fruitful and Multiply', 'Good Garbage', 'Web Junkie' etc. The films aired in BBC, ZDF, ARTE, PBS and many others. She graduated from the Theater department at TAU and the NY School of Visual Arts.

Director and producer, Peabody Award Winner, nominated for three Emmy Awards and owner of production company Medalia Productions. Among the films she has produced are: The Oslo Diaries (2018), Muhi (2017), Cencored Voices (2015), The Go-Go Boys (2014), Web Junkie (2014) and many more.