United States 2018, 95 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Pauline Kael was impossible to ignore. She had strong opinions, devoted fans and a column in the New Yorker that could spell success or failure for filmmakers.
Born to Jewish immigrants from Poland and raised on a chicken farm, Kael was an outsider, a college dropout, and a single mother—yet she became the strongest, wittiest, most influential film critic in the US, and retained her position for thirty years. Her words turned obscure flops into smash hits, whereas films she hated stood no chance (David Lean, the director of Ryan’s Daughter, retired from directing for 14 years after she reviewed his film). This film features wonderful scenes from films she reviewed, testimonies from directors (including Tarantino and Coppola), and footage of her bohemian life. Accompanying the visuals are passages from Kael’s diary, read by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Director & Editing: Rob Garver
Production: Rob Garver, Glen Zipper
Production Company: 29pictures
Cinematography: Vincent C. Ellis
Soundtrack: Christopher Liang
Music: Rick Baitz
World Sales: Autlook Filmsales (salma@autlookfilms.com)


Rob Garver, Director-Producer-Editor. New York-based filmmaker Rob Garver has written, produced, and directed several short films that have been screened in local New York cinemas, and aired on cable television. Films include: COMIC BELIEF, a documentary profile of cartoonist Dan Piraro; THE MAN IN THE YELLOW CAP, and TWO ROADS FROM BELFAST, MAINE, a short narrative that has aired on the Classic Arts Showcase cable network. He graduated from Northwestern University.