Israel 2020, 75 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

Artist Eli Shamir paints the view from his studio balcony – fields stretching to the horizon, ancient oak trees, and a generation of farmers that is disappearing from the vistas of the Jezreel Valley. His large oils are treasured by collectors worldwide.
It was director Ben Shani’s encounter with one of Shamir’s works that spawned the idea of documenting the artist at work. Neither of them had any idea that everything would change as the filming progressed, as an unforeseen danger threatened to rob Shamir of his talent.
Filmed over the course of ten years, A lullaby for the Valley focuses on the fascinating figure of Eli Shamir and his paintings. As time passes, like the endless fields of the valley, they are transformed before our very eyes.


  • Premiere | Sat 05.09 at 21:00

  • Available until September 30th

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmaker Ben Shani and the painter Elie Shamir in conversation with Aya Lurie

    Mon 07.09 at 20:00

Director & Script: Ben Shani
Production: Shula Spiegel & Dana Eden
Production Company: Shula & Donna Productions
Editing: Ron Omer
Cinematography: Uriel Sinai

Source: Go2Films

Supporters & Broadcasters: HOT8, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, מפעל הפיס


Ben Shani is a documentary film maker and journalist, a member of the editorial staff of the “Fact” television program and host of the “Broadcast University” on Galei Zahal (IDF radio). Among his works are “The Kirschenbaum Diaries” and “Marcel and Me”.

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