Israel 2020, 60 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

Osher, Michelle, and Eitan were taken out of their homes as children and transferred to foster families. Their biological families are dysfunctional and absent. The foster families are supportive and stable, but this guardianship ends at age 18.
The film follows the three over the last year of foster care and the first year of independence.
The threat of the loss of familial support affects all aspects of their lives. Past trauma and dislocation erupt from time to time affecting the relationship of the three friends.
Nominated to the Beyond the Screen Award


  • Premiere | Mon 07.09 at 19:30

  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Please note that tickets are limited

Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmakers Noam Demsky and ido Bahat in conversation with Noam Pinchas

    Thu 10.09 at 21:30

Directors, Production, Script & Research: Noam Demsky, Ido Bahat
Editing: Dave Oren, Ido Bahat
Cinematography: Uri Ackerman, ‏‎boaz Yehonatan Yacov
Music: Lauren De-paz, Yiftach Shahaf

Source: Go2Films

Supporters & Broadcasters: HOT8, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, מפעל הפיס


ido Bahat and Noam Demsky are documentary directors who specialize in directing films on sectors in Israeli society. Their films deal with the essence of Jewish-Israeli identity. .Over the years, Bahat and Demsky have directed dozens of films and documentaries to the broadcast channels in Israel.

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