Israel / United Kingdom 2020, 20 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Twenty years after the Northern Ireland peace treaty, an Israeli filmmaker meets with activist artists in Belfast. Thanks to progressive thinking and creativity, the artists create life-changing experiences.
The film ARTOPIA #Belfast reveals the contribution of the cultural community in the cultivation of peace and equality in a divided society that is dealing with its historical conflict.
Screened as part of Arts on the Border: Shorts Program

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  • Premiere | Fri 04.09 at 15:00

  • Arts on the Border Shorts Program will be available until September 30th

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Director, Production, Script, Editing, Cinematography & Research: Shachaf Dekel
Sound Design: Ronen Nagel
Music: Hana+hasiba, Miklataklitim

Source: Shachaf Dekel


Shachaf Dekel is an award-winning filmmaker and artist whose work engages the various layers of language and empathy, and the way in which these are transformed through human experience. Dekel approaches these issues from various angles in her unique way through documentaries and video art.

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