2019, 7 min, Hebrew and Arabic, Hebrew & English subtitles

At the age of nine, the director was subjected to a physical trauma that resulted in heavy bleeding, an experience that felt like an abortion. His parents sent him to a specialist and it was taken care of. After all these years, the memory of this event still haunts him as he tries to investigate the case by reexamining past medical records. Did this really happen?

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  • Premiere | Sun 06.09 at 19:00

  • Students Competition 1 will be available until September 30th

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Director, Production, Script, Editing, Cinematography & Research: Moaad Gader
Production Company: Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design Department Of Screen Based Arts
Music: Tania Saleh, Erik Hillestad

Source: Bezalel Academy of Arts and design


Moaad Gader born in 1998 in the village Beer Al-Machsur. Graduated high school majoring in technology. Studies in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Department of Screen Based Arts

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