United States 2020, 98 min, English

In only 24 hours, this dive bar, the Roaring 20s, will close forever. Emotions run high as the regulars come to have one last round at the popular watering hole on the fringes of Las Vegas, where the city’s glitz and glamour cannot reach. For some, this place was home; others came here to get away from other homes. Now, they drink and cry, drink and dote on each other, drink, and tell colorful personal stories. The impending goodbye pushes them to do the things they never dared to do—things they would be remembered for, if not as mythical characters, at least as glamorous ones. As last call approaches, the film gains momentum until the boundary between truth and illusion comes crashing down, revealing a nostalgic requiem for a place that could have existed—but never did.

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Berlinale


  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmakers Bill and Turner Ross in conversation with Dr. Laliv Melamed

    Thu 10.09 at 21:00

Directors & Cinematography: Bill Ross, Turner Ross
Production: Michael Gottwald, Chere Theriot
Production Company: Department Of Motion Pictures
Editing: Bill Ross
Sound Design: Tom Efinger
Music: Casey Wayne Mcallister

Source: Cinephil


The Ross Brothers are an American filmmaking team whose credits include the award-winning films 45365 (2009), TCHOUPITOULAS (2012), WESTERN (2015), and CONTEMPORARY COLOR
(2017). Born and raised in Sidney, Ohio, and both graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Bill and Turner Ross began work in the film industry in Los Angeles, with Bill as an editor and filmmaking teacher, and Turner in art departments on studio features. But they soon decided to eschew the day jobs of Hollywood and continue the creative partnership they began as kids by making their own films. In the years since, their films have brought them renown as some of the most innovative and interesting documentary filmmakers working today, with a style all their own and always evolving -- pushing the art of presenting uninhibited portraits of
and journeys through places, with all the complicated, humanistic, and lyrical truth that that entails.

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