Austria / France / United States 2020, 107 min, English and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Times are changing in Cuba, for the umpteenth time in its history, and Hubert Sauper (Darwin’s Nightmare) is there to document everything with tender precision. Seen through his eyes, Havana looks beautiful, neglected, mysterious, and almost enchanting—a perfect backdrop for a population slowly waking up from years of ideological manipulations at the hands of conquerors, communist and capitalist alike.
As he walks through the city’s crumbling slums and decadent luxury hotels, he tries to find the secret of the Cuban spirit—the resources that allow these people to survive their powerful US neighbor’s repeated and ongoing attempts to shape Cuba and bend it to its will. He finds his answers when he talks to locals and gathers some particularly surprising insights from children. The film won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival.
With the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

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  • Filmmaker Hubert Sauper in conversation with Dr. Laliv Melamed

    Sat 12.09 at 18:00

Director & Script: Hubert Sauper
Production: Martin Marquet Daniel Marquet Gabriele Kranzelbinder Paolo Calamita
Editing: Yves Deschamps Hubert Sauper
Sound Design: Lenja Gathmann
Music: Zsuzsanna Varkonyi Maximilian ‘twig’ Turnbull

Source: Pascale Ramonda

Supporters & Broadcasters: Austrian Cultural Forum


Hubert Sauper was born in Kitzbühel in the Tyrolian Alps and for the past two decades has been based in France after living in Great Britain, Italy, United States, Tanzania, Congo, and South Sudan. Sauper is known for his socio-political
documentary films which have garnered over fifty major international prizes including at Berlin, Venice, Sundance, the European Film Academy Award, the Austrian Academy Award, as well as the French “Cesar." He received an Academy
Award® nomination for DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE (2004), a documentary spotlighting
the environmental impact of the fishing industry in the fragile Tanzanian ecosystem, and was last at Sundance with WE COME AS FRIENDS (2014), which focuses on the war conflict among the Sudanese and was awarded a Special Jury Award at the festival.
Sauper has worked as a visiting professor at many film schools and universities
around the world, among them Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Columbia University, Colorado
University, Universidad de Caracas, Universidad de la Havana, FEMIS (French film school), Moscow International Film School, Istanbul University, Southern Mediterranean Cinema School, the African international film school in Marrakech (ESAV), the Austrian Film Academy, and the International Film School (EICTV) in
Havana, Cuba. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the European Film Academy, and Academie Francaise du Cinema.

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