2020, 28 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

Two women are cleaning a neglected house where one of them lives with her 12 cats. The house’s condition is the result of years of neglect. One’s desire to help the other’s inability to cope with her own neglect creates a sisyphean process in which the dirt clears and new consciousness seeps through.


  • Premiere | Mon 07.09 at 19:00

  • Students Competition 2 will be available until September 30th

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Director & Production: Smadar Epstein Plagi
Production Company: School Of Audio & Visual Arts Sapir College
Script: Smadar Epstein Plagi, Nir Dvorchin
Editing: Nir Dvorchin
Cinematography: Smadar Epstein Plagi, Vardit Goldner, Tenant
Sound Design: Ilan Admon
Music: Rotem Asulin

Supporters & Broadcasters: The New Fund for Cinema and TV


Smadar Epstein Palgi, 49, photographer and Artist
BA: The Art College, Beit Berl.
MFA: Sound and Screen Arts, Sapir College.
This is her first documentary.

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