France 2020, 82 min, English, French, German and Swedish, Hebrew & English subtitles

“Crowd,” Gisèle Vienne’s epic dance piece, is physically and mentally demanding. 15 young dancers give themselves fully to this complex exploration of the ‘90s rave scene. As they tour the world, the performance evolves and grows more complex. The dancers immerse themselves in their characters, and the characters, in turn, leak into the off-stage world. In interviews and behind-the-scenes conversations, the dancers wonder about the boundaries between their characters’ lives and their own. The result is a celebration of music, movement, physical intimacy, humor, and thoughts on the thin line between art and life. The film won the Teddy Award for best LGBTQ-themed film at Berlinale 2020.
Supported by the Institut Français d’Israël.

Previous Festivals: Berlinale


  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Director: Patric Chiha
Production: Charlotte Vincent
Production Company: Aurora Films
Editing: Anna Riche
Cinematography: Jordane Chouzenoux
Sound Design: Pierre Bompy, Mikaël Barre

Source: BFF Sales

Supporters & Broadcasters: Institut Français d'Israël


Patric Chiha is an Austrian director with Hungarian and Lebanese origins. He was
born in 1975 in Vienna. After studying fashion design at ESAA Duperré (Paris)
and editing à INSAS (Brussels), he directs several short and medium length
films as well as documentaries (HOME, WHERE IS THE HEAD OF THE PRISON?
THE GENTLEMEN) selected in many film festivals. In 2009, he directs his first
feature film, DOMAIN, with Béatrice Dalle, it is selected at the Venice International
Film Festival. He continues with BOYS LIKE US (2014) and two documentaries:
BROTHERS OF THE NIGHT (2016) and IF IT WERE LOVE (2019), both selected at
the Berlinale. He is now working on his new fiction film: THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE.

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