Italy 2020, 76 min, English and Italian, Hebrew & English subtitles

Pippa Bacca believed in people. When she hitchhiked all the way from her home in Milan to Jerusalem—crossing 11 war-ridden countries while wearing a wedding dress—her vision was to make a powerful piece of performance art about renewal and peace.
But when she reached Turkey, her journey came to an abrupt, tragic end.
Pippa Bacca (feminist Italian artist Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo) grew up in an unusual home: her mother raised five daughters on her own and hitchhiked with them across Europe, sending the girls off in separate cars. Her path as an artist was shaped by the values she had learned at home: feminism, humanism, and openness.
The film tells her story using her memories, her art, and the inspiring photographs of her journey for peace, the last journey she ever took.
With the support of the Italian Institute of Culture.


  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Director Simone Manetti in conversation with Ofir Feldman THe conversation will be held in Italian and will be translated to Hebrew

    Sat 12.09 at 17:00

Director: Simone Manetti
Production: Federico Schiavi
Production Company: Nacne
Editing: Filippo Orrù
Cinematography: Simone Mogliè

Source: Urban Group

Supporters & Broadcasters: Italian Institute of Culture


Born in Italy in 1978, Simone Manetti is a film director and an editor. His editing debuts are with LA PRIMA COSA BELLA by Paolo Virzi.
He works as a photographer for "Rolling Stone", "Vanity Fair" and others.
In 2014, he directs A NEW FAMILY, his first short documentary, travelling around international festivals when the same year, his first feature doc comes out, GOODBYE DARLING, I'M OFF TO FIGHT. The latter was released in Italian cinemas in 2017

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