Israel / Germany 2020, 106 min, Hebrew, Arabic, English and French, Hebrew subtitles

The story of Lebanon is one of ongoing tragedy. A march of follies orchestrated by heads of state, sects, and militias. The Palestinians, French, British, Iranians, Syrians, Americans, Israelis and the Lebanese themselves, have all, at one point or another, contributed to the country’s tragic history. Caught up in the chaos were the Lebanese themselves – made up of different sects, religions, and ethnicities – writing their own history in a string of political assassinations, massacres, and betrayals.
We will be screening the first two episodes.


  • Premiere | Fri 04.09 at 20:00

  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmaker Duki Dror in conversation with Eran Singer

    Sat 05.09 at 20:00

Created by: Duki Dror, Itay Landsberg Nevo, Reinhardt Beetz
Director: Duki Dror
Production: Reinhardt Beetz, Liat Kamai Eshed, Dana Wolfe
Production Company: Gebrueder Beetz, Zygote Films
Script: Itay Landsberg Nevo, Duki Dror
Editing: Gal Goffer
Senior Editor: Itay Landsberg Nevo
Cinematography: Ron Katzenelson, Matthias Bollinger, Matthew Reber
Research: Liora Barmatz Amir
Visual Research: Daniela Reiss Razon, Hagit Ben Yaacov
Sound Design: Ronen Nagel
Music: Frank Ilfman

Supporters & Broadcasters: KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, ARTE, WDR


A prolific filmmaker who created an extensive body of work. Among his critically acclaimed documentaries are Raging Dove (Best Israeli film Docaviv 2002), Partner with the Enemy (2014), Down The Deep Dark Web (2016) and the successful doc-series Inside The Mossad (2018) released on Netflix.

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