United States 2019, 75 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

At 88, Audrey Flack stands at the top of a ladder, painting her own version of a classic Rubens piece. On her canvas, a man and a woman descend from the heavens—superheroes. Flack has experimented with every possible genre of painting and sculpture, and despite being one of the world’s most acclaimed photorealistic artists, she never stops playing with conventions—and breaking them.
Flack’s immense talent showed itself very early on, and she has since studied and worked with great artists such as Albers, Pollock and de Kooning, but, being a woman, she had more hurdles to overcome than they had. In this film, Flack tells her dramatic, turbulent story in her uniquely captivating manner. In all her struggles, art turned out to be “the only way to decipher reality.”

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Audrey Flack and Filmmaker Deborah Shaffer in conversation with Hagit Peleg Rotem In collaboration with Portfolio Magazine

    Thu 03.09 at 17:00

Director: Deborah Shaffer
Co-Director & Editing: Rachel Reichman
Production: Davina Pardo, Deborah Shaffer, Amy Sultan
Executive Producer: Mary Strauss
Cinematography: Elizabeth Nichols
Research: Ashley Moradipour
Sound Design: Bradley Wickham

Source: Audrey Flack Film


Deborah Shaffer has been making social issue documentaries since the early 1970’s. In the 1980s, she directed WITNESS TO WAR, which won an Academy Award and aired on PBS; FIRE FROM THE MOUNTAIN, which received an Emmy nomination, was shown at the New York and Sundance film festivals, and aired on the PBS; and DANCE OF HOPE, which received the Prix d'Or--FIPA and was screened at Sundance. She directed and wrote SECRETS UNDERGROUND for the WGBH series “Discovering Women” in 1994. In 2001 she directed two shows for the PBS series “Art 21: Art in the 21st Century” which was nominated for an Emmy. RWANDA: LADIES FIRST which she co-directed and wrote for WNET’s “Wide Angle” was awarded an Emmy in 2004. Her most recent film, TO BE HEARD, won awards at numerous festivals and aired on PBS in 2012. She was Executive Producer of VERY SEMI-SERIOUS, an Emmy-award winning HBO documentary.

Rachel Reichman has edited scores of prize-winning documentaries, including Hitchcock/Truffaut (Directed by Kent Jones), A Letter to Elia (Directed by Kent Jones and Martin Scorsese), and "Women, War and Peace: Peace Unveiled" (Directed by Gini Reticker). She directed the independent feature films Work, starring Sonja Sohn, which premiered at MoMA in New Directors/New Films in 1996, and The Riverbed, which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 1986 and was included in the Whitney Biennial in 1987.

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