Israel 2020, 77 min, Hebrew, French and Moroccan, Hebrew & English subtitles

Raymonde—diva, queen, enigma, inspiration, survivor, widow, woman, and mother. Armed with a camera, Yael Abecassis followed her mother and stepped into a world where she had always been a stranger. “You know, daughter, Morocco is a kind of therapy,” Raymonde says, and for the first time, they embark on a journey together: from a childhood in the mellah of Casablanca to the dunes of Ashdod and back to Morocco, where the mother became the legendary Raymonde El Bidaoia—a world-famous Moroccan singer. As they journey, Yael discovers a woman who articulates her weaknesses and the complexities of her choices with keen self-awareness, even when mother and daughter are transposed, twined together by guilt, admiration, pain, and above all else—limitless love and music.


  • Premiere | Sat 05.09 at 19:30

  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmaker Yael Abecassis in conversation with Zohar Elmakias

    Tue 08.09 at 21:30

Director: Yael Abecassis
Production: Hillel Roseman, Yael Abecassis
Production Company: Cassis Films
Editing: Tal Rabiner
Cinematography: Yoram Millo
Sound Design: Avi Mizrahi
Music: Assaf Talmudi

Supporters & Broadcasters: HOT8, Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, המיזם המשותף- קרן אביחי וקרן גשר, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts


Actress and producer Yael Abecassis is one of Israel’s leading actresses. Throughout her career, she collaborated with top Israeli and international film directors and some of Israel’s most renowned films and TV Series.
founder of “Women’s Spirit”, an organization that supports victims of violence to attain financial independence.

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