Israel / Germany 2020, 75 min, Hebrew and German, Hebrew subtitles

Salman Schocken was the King of department stores in Germany. Before WWII, he owned 22 department stores with 6,000 employees. He possessed a unique collection of 60,000 rare books in German and Hebrew and founded a modern, Jewish publishing house. He was the lifelong supporter of Shmuel Yosef Agnon and he owned the Haaretz newspaper which still survives on the border of consensus.
He supported secular, Jewish culture and identified with humanist, liberal Judaism, a relic of 19th century Europe.
Today, in an age of unscrupulous market economy and militant Judaism, Salman Schocken’s ways point to an alternative, perhaps not entirely lost.


  • Premiere | Mon 07.09 at 19:00

  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmaker Noemi Schory in conversation with Ravit Hecht

    Fri 11.09 at 11:00

Director & Script: Noemi Schory
Production: Liran Atzmor, Gerd Haag
Production Company: Atzmor Productions, Tag/traum
Editing: Michal Oppenheim
Cinematography: Uriel Sinai
Additional Cinematography: Itay Vinograd
Research: Noemi Schory, Amikam Goldman
Sound Design: Itzik Cohen
Music: Boaz Schory
Art Directors: Ada Wardi, Noa Segal, Yoav Brill

Source: Atzmor Productions

Supporters & Broadcasters: KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, RBB, Berlin-Brandenburg, MBB, Berlin, NRW


Noemi Schory, Independent producer and director.
Produced and content edited more than 100 documentaries among them ' A Film Unfinished', ' The Inner Tour' ' SOS- Israel's Generals' and the historic films of Yad Vashem museum. Directed among others 'The State of Israel vs. John Ivan Demjanjuk', 'Transport 222'.

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