United States 2019, 76 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

He used to start each morning with 15 jokes and a generous serving of peanut butter. This was the secret recipe of James Stevenson, whose witty cartoons and heartwarming nostalgic articles had delighted the readers of The New Yorker and The New York Times for nearly fifty years.
A father of nine, Stevenson also wrote and illustrated dozens of children’s books that have since become classics. Fueled by the smallest everyday happenings, the powerful engine that drove his creativity kept churning even in his final years, when he suffered from dementia.
The film follows Stevenson’s creative process (his colleagues said he wrote like a painter and painted like a poet) and features animations based on his wonderful cartoons.

Previous Festivals: DOC NYC, Palm Springs Film Festival, Salem Film Festival (TBA), Martha's Vineyard Film Festival, Washington DC International Film Festival


  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Director & Production: Sally Jean Williams
Editing: Deborah Peretz
Cinematography: Axel Baumann
Sound Design: Jose Araujo
Music: Michael Bacon

Source: Salient Films


Sally worked for New Zealand’s premiere
natural history content creator, NHNZ,
contributing on widely received shows such as
Orangutan Island filmed in Borneo, and
travelled the world hunting dinosaurs for the
National Geographic series Jurassic C.S.I.
Stevenson - Lost and Found is her second
feature length documentary, with her 2016 film
Ken Dewey: This is a test, receiving official
selection at the 2016 DOC NYC, 2017 Doc Edge
Festival, 2017 Master of Art Festival, and semifinalist at the 2nd Annual Madrid Art Film

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