2020, 24 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

It appears that in the 1990s, our lives in Israel were shrouded in some kind of innocence, inspired by the promise for a better future. The film presents a collage of family events, seasoned with documentations of national events and private archival materials to produce a story of a promise, making viewers wonder whether or not it was kept.

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  • Premiere | Sun 06.09 at 19:00

  • Students Competition 1 will be available until September 30th

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Director, Script & Research: Roni Azgad
Production: Nevo Shinaar, Roni Azgad
Production Company: Master Of Design Program In Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design
Editing: Roni Azgad, Dafi Farbman
Sound Design: Ronen Nagal
Music: Ethnix

Source: Nevo Shinaar


Roni is a video director and a lecturer. She holds a BA in visual communication from Shenkar”, and an MFA from ״Bezalel״. She has worked with the “Batsheva dance company", the Israel Museum, and Heiman Borthers Films among others. Her work has been shown commercially and broadcast across multiple platforms.

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