Israel / Austria 2020, 86 min, English, French, Japanese and Different Languages, Hebrew & English subtitles

“The Prophet and The Space Aliens” follows Rael, who after an alleged encounter with extraterrestrials – that appointed him the “last prophet” – became the founder and leader of the world’s biggest UFO religion.

What is the difference between a cult and religion? Why is it easier for us to accept the story of a man who talked to a burning bush than it is to accept the story of a man who received a prophecy from extraterrestrials? Had there been documentaries about celebrated prophets made during their lifetimes, what kinds of uncomfortable secrets would’ve been revealed?

The story of this modern day prophet and his ambitious attempts to venture into new territories in search of loyal followers, sheds light on the many themes and questions that religion and faith lay bare.

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  • Premiere | Fri 04.09 at 16:00

  • The film will be available from 4/9 at 4PM until 14/9 at 12AM

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Meet the Filmmakers

  • Filmmaker Yoav Shamir in Conversation with Eran Polyshuk

    Sat 05.09 at 21:00

Director & Script: Yoav Shamir
Production: Tanya Aizikovich, Steven Markovitz, Yoav Shamir
Co-producers:: Ebba Sinzinger, Vincent Lucassen, Tamsin Ranger
Production Company: Yoav Shamir Films, Big World Cinema, Wildart Film
Editing: Neta Dvorkis, Roland Stöttinger
Cinematography: Tanya Aizikovich
Animation: Jorg Vogeltanz
Sound Design: Hjalti Bager- Jonathansson
Music: Manfred Plessl

Source: Yoav Shamir Films

Supporters & Broadcasters: KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp, Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, AFI, ORF, Blue Ice Film Fund , ICI Radio-Canada and ICI RDI, VPRO


Yoav Shamir is an accomplished award-winning documentary director ("Checkpoint", "Defamation"). His work reflects his passion to probe and uncover difficult and polarizing subject matter through an observational lens, delivering penetrating and ethically challenging interviews with an accessible charm, which entertains and appeals to a broad audience.

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