United Kingdom / Argentina / Spain 2019, 67 min, English, Portuguese and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

At times, this film appears to be capturing an act of worship, a ritual performed around an elephant tusk by highly skilled hands, with painstaking care and precision. But stepping back reveals it as pure science: conservation and reconstruction work carried out in a laboratory within a museum.
Ritual is ever-present in Jessica Sarah Rinland’s film (that won a Special Mention at Locarno Film Festival). This is because she, and the conservator-restorers whose work she closely follows, do more than restore, repair, and replicate—they wonder about the essence of artifacts and artworks, and the status of replicas. They question whether flaws, the marks reality leaves on an object, are important, and whether a perfect copy can surpass the original. Unaccompanied by commentary, the extraordinary cinematography lets the viewers find the answers on their own.
With the support of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic.

Previous Festivals: Locarno, TIFF


  • The film will be available until September 30th

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Director & Editing: Jessica Sarah Rinland
Production: Jessica Sarah Rinland, Beli Martínez
Cinematography: Jessica Sarah Rinland, Luís Arnias
Sound Design: Philippe Ciompi

Source: Jessica Sarah Rinland

Supporters & Broadcasters: Embassy of the Argentine Republic


Argentine-British artist filmmaker, Jessica Sarah Rinland’s work has been screened and exhibited internationally winning awards including Special Mention at Locarno Film Festival for her first Feature Film (Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another, 2019), Primer Premio at Bienale de Imagen en Movimiento (Black Pond, 2018), Arts + Science Award at Ann Arbor Film Fetisval (2014), ICA’s Best Experimental Film at LSFF (2013), and M.I.T’s Schnitzer prize for excellence in the arts (2017). Residencies include Film Studies Center at Harvard University, Flaherty Seminar Fellow, MacDowell, Ikusmira Berriak and Somerset House Studios.

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