United States 2019, 7 min, Chinese, Hebrew & English subtitles

A mother and her daughter talk about their lives in the shadow of an abusive husband and father. Their incredible intimacy, the secrecy, their attempts to protect each other, and the revelations that came years later are all depicted with great tenderness in this unique animated film.
Screened as part of Shorts Competition 2: Ties

Previous Festivals: Locarno


  • Shorts Competition: Ties, will be available until September 30th

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Director, Production & Script: Danski Tang
Cinematography: Sujin Kim
Sound Design: Craig Smith
Music: Sean Hayward

Source: Danski Tang


Originally from China, Danski Tang is an animator and artist now based in Los Angeles.
Specializing in 2D hand-drawn animation, interdisciplinary art, and alternative documentary, Danski uses animation as a means to investigate themes of gender, sexuality, cultural indoctrination, and body politics. Her work has been shown in numerous international film festivals such as Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Krok International Animated Film Festival. Her latest film “Umbilical” won the Pardino d’argento (Silver Leopard) SRG SSR at the International Competition at the 72 Locarno Film Festival, The Eileen Maitland Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Best Animated Short at the San Diego Asian Film Festival 2019, and Honorable Mention for Documentary Short at Slamdance 2020. “Umbilical” is also an official selection of MoMA DocFortnight 2020 and Outfest Fusion 2020 among others.

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