Online Premiere – Sunday, 6/9 7PM

88 mins, free admission

Students Competition 1 will be available from 6/9 at 7PM until 16/9 at 12AM

Family Portrait

Galit and Yoav are planning a family vacation for their anniversary with Delia, their Philippine care giver. The couple are physically disabled and the mutual dependence on Delia has become a shared destiny.

The Last Fisherman in the Sea of Galilee

An intimate encounter of a Japanese director with an Israeli fisherman. The director is on a spiritual quest to try and understand why Jesus chose the fisherman of the Sea of Galilee as his first disciples?

The Promise

The Promise presents a rich collage of archival materials designed to explore how the personal and national are intertwined in major rituals of human life.


During the director's childhood, he experienced heavy bleeding that felt like an abortion. His parents took him to a specialist and that was that. All these years the memory remained. Did it really happen?

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