The recent crisis has brought on unforeseeable changes and a lot of uncertainty. All of our lives have been disrupted, and the impact on artists and culture professionals has been significant. For months now, we have been witnessing local documentarists’ reactions to the situation. We have felt their pain as projects were stalled, funding withdrawn, and plans postponed indefinitely.

But alongside the confusion and increasing sense of helplessness, we have seen their unstoppable creative drive. The Israeli filmmakers whose work we are proud to screen in this year’s festival have kept going, imagining, researching, and planning their next projects, because their hearts would not let them give up. They do this because they believe that documentary cinema is essential and irreplaceable.

For all the stories you haven’t heard yet, the sights you haven’t seen yet, the characters you haven’t met yet, we partnered with the Tel Aviv Foundation and decided to launch a unique fundraiser. To encourage the filmmakers to make more great films, we added donation buttons to the pages of the Israeli films participating in this year’s Docaviv. We invite you to choose the directors whose work has touched you and support them directly if you wish to do so. Any amount will help our talented documentarists keep doing what they do best in these challenging times.

One last thing, to finish on a high note: the Tel Aviv Foundation and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality have graciously agreed to double any amount we raise. Thanks to them, your donations can make even more of a difference. The funds will go to the artists to help them make more original Israeli films.

*Contributions are limited to NIS 1,000 per donation.
*The amount doubled by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is capped at a total of NIS 125,000 for all supported films.
*10% of all raised funds will go to the Tel Aviv Foundation to cover the handling costs.