Pick of the Litter ארצות הברית 2018, 81 דקות, אנגלית, כתוביות בעברית

המסלול המצפה למועמדים ליחידת העילית הזו אינו פשוט. הם נבחרים למשימה מרגע לידתם, ועוברים סדרות של אימונים ומבדקים שרק מעטים מהם יצלחו. פיל, פרימרוז, פטריוט, פוטומק ופופט הם חמישה גורי לברדור שנועדו לשמש כלבי נחייה. הם חמודים להדהים, אבל כדי לסיים בהצלחה את המסלול, הם צריכים להפגין קווי אופי מיוחדים מאוד ויכולת לחשוב ולהגיב מחוץ לקופסה. חמשת הגורים הם חלק מ-800 כלבים המוכשרים על ידי ארגון בקליפורניה. רק 300 מהם יימסרו בסופו של דבר למי שזקוקים להם. הסרט מתעד שנתיים מרגשות ורבות תהפוכות בחיי הכלבים, המאמנים ומי שזוכים לבסוף לאמץ אותם.
מומלץ מגיל 9 ומעלה

פסטיבלים קודמים:

Hot Docs, Omaha Film Festival, Slamdance, Cinequest San Jose


בימוי והפקה: Dana Nachman, Don Hardy
חברת הפקה: Ktf Films
תסריט: Dana Nachman
עריכה: Jake Stein. Don Hardy, Dana Nachman
צילום: Kurt Kuenne, Jon Clarke, Steve Pitre, Dominique Martinez, Jake Stein, Naomi Ture
פסקול: Skywalker Sound
מוזיקה: Helene Jane Long


DANA NACHMAN (Director / Writer / Producer)
Dana Nachman is an award-winning filmmaker of both fiction and documentary films. Nachman’s 2015 film “Batkid Begins” was bought and distributed by Warner Brothers. Previously she wrote, directed and co-produced the documentaries “Witch Hunt,” which was executive produced by Sean Penn and premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival; “Love Hate Love,” which premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival; and “The Human Experiment,” which screened at the Mill Valley and IDFA Film Festivals. She has won a number of awards over the course of her career, including three regional Emmy Awards, The Edward R. Murrow Award, and dozens of Jury and Audience Awards at film festivals.
Nachman’s films have also been seen on various television networks, including MSNBC, The Oprah Winfrey Network and PBS. In addition to her film work, Nachman is a guest journalism lecturer at Stanford University.
In 2017 Nachman was chosen to participate in the American Film Showcase where she traveled as a US envoy with the State Department as a part of this prestigious film diplomacy program. Nachman is a proud member of Film Fatales, a dynamic group for women directors. The group’s goal is to level the playing field for women in the film industry.
Born and raised in New York, Nachman graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut with a dual degree in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations. She went on to earn a Master’s Degree from NYU in Broadcast Journalism.
“Batkid Begins” premiered at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival and has since been honored at film festivals across the country, winning Audience Awards for Best Documentary at the Cinequest, Omaha, Dallas, Ashland, and Rincón International Film Festivals. Additionally, it has been an official selection at the Bentonville and Chicago Critics Film Festivals and received the Heartland Film Truly Moving Picture Award, CINE’s Golden Eagle Award, the Common Sense Media Seal and the Dove Foundation Seal.
Nachman is currently on the film festival circuit with three films. The world premiere of her feature documentary “Pick of the Litter,” will be openening night at the 2018 Slamdance film festival. Pick of the Litter follows a litter of puppies from birth until they make the cut to become Guide Dogs for the Blind or get cut from the program (think Spellbound or Hoop Dreams for dogs.) Nachman is also on the film festival circuit with her first two short films. The documentary “Washed Away” about a man whose only relief from excruciating chronic pain is to make magnificent sand mandalas that are swept away by the tide hours later. “The Final Show” is Nachman’s first foray into fiction filmmaking and stars Marion Ross who plays a woman who has died at the breakfast table and gets catapulted into The Between where she has to quickly decide which of her loves to take along to eternity.


Don Hardy is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist, and storyteller. Don’s new film, Pick of the Litter, premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in January 2018 and was purchased by IFC Films/Sundance Selects for theatrical distribution.
Currently, Don is in production on two new feature documentaries: A Band Called Failure about the influential 90’s rock band, Failure and Camp Penn which tells the story of the birth and growth of Sean Penn’s aid organization J/P HRO after a catastrophic earthquake shook Haiti in 2010.
Don’s previous film, Theory of Obscurity, about the legendary music and art collective known as The Residents, premiered at SXSW in 2015 and was released theatrically by Film Movement in April of 2016.
Over the years, Don has won numerous awards for his films, photography, and editing including 6 regional Emmys, 3 Edward R. Murrow Awards, 7 Associated Press Awards, the prestigious San Francisco Bay Area Photographer of the Year Award and more than 15 National Press Photographer Association Awards.
Don’s film The Human Experiment was released in theaters by Area 23a and on VOD by FilmBuff in the spring of 2015. Narrated and executive produced by Oscar® winner Sean Penn, the film lifts the veil on the shocking reality that thousands of untested chemicals are in our everyday products, our homes and inside of us.
Don also served as Director of Photography on Batkid Begins, which premiered at Slamdance in early 2015. Batkid Begins was released by Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema in June 2015.
In 2011, Don’s film, Love Hate Love, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film won several film festival awards and had its US broadcast premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2012.
His first film, Witch Hunt, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008 and was broadcast on MSNBC.

A Band Called Failure (2019) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Camp Penn (2019) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Pick of the Litter (2018) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Fingerprints (2017) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (short - documentary)
The Final Show (2017) (KTF Films) (Editor) (short - narrative)
Washed Away (2016) (KTF Films) (Director of Photography, Additional Editor) (short - documentary)
Theory of Obscurity: a film about The Residents (2015) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Batkid Begins (2015) (KTF Films) (Director of Photography, Additional Editor) (feature - documentary)
The Human Experiment (2014) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Love Hate Love (2011) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Witch Hunt (2008) (KTF Films) (Co-Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) (feature - documentary)
Dreams to Dust: Americans Interned (2007) (TV NBC11) (Post-Production Supervisor, Online Editor) (feature - documentary) – 2008 Emmy Nomination for Best Documentary
Sound Man (2006) (TV-NBC11) (Co-Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor) (feature – documentary) – 2007 Emmy Nomination for Best Documentary
Pot and Politics: California vs. US (2004) (TV NBC11) (Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor) (feature - documentary) – 2005 Associated Press Award for Best Documentary
Close to Home (2002) (TV NBC11) (Cinematographer) (feature – documentary) – 2003 Emmy Award, Radio and Television News Director Association, Edward R. Murrow Award – Best Documentary