Italy 2018, 70 min, Italian, Hebrew & English subtitles

When the Camorra crime syndicate emerged from the Neapolitan slums, both locals and authorities welcomed its violent reign of terror. The former—because they felt abandoned and neglected, and the latter—because they felt relieved of the burden of caring for the poverty-stricken city.
A sophisticated tapestry of never-before-screened archive footage tells the story of the Camorra’s advent, its break from the Sicilian mafia, and the path that led it to become a tremendous socio-economic force.
The film takes us through the streets of Naples and introduces some extreme characters, from nine-year-old heroin dealers to the dapper, ever-smiling boss Raffaele Cutolo (currently serving four life sentences)—all to the sound of original Neapolitan music. The result sends the senses reeling; so much so, that it blurs the boundaries between documentary and dark fable.

Previous Festivals: Venice, IDFA


  • Fri 12.07 10:00 Cinemateque 1
Director & Script: Francesco Patierno
Editing: Maria Fantastica Valmori
Production Company: Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien, Rai Cinema, Teche Rai
Music: Meg
Soundtrack: Matteo Bendinelli


Francesco Patierno was born in Naples in 1964. He is a director, screenwriter and writer.
His first film, the short film That day is being previewed at the 53rd edition of the Venice International Film Festival.
His recent documentaries include, 2011 Most wanted man, 2012 Bergman Magnani: The war of the volcanoes, 2016 Napoli '44, 2017 Diva!