United States 2018, 97 min, English

In Alex Honnold’s routine, there is no room for error: a single misstep could be fatal. A soloist rock climber, Honnold ascends the world’s most dangerous cliff faces with no ropes, harnesses or safety nets. After over a thousand climbs, he prepares to fulfill his lifelong dream: scaling Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan—the world’s tallest granite monolith—barehanded.
The film tries to puzzle out Honnold’s remarkable personality as it follows his climbs through breathtaking scenery and his physical and mental preparations for the big challenge. Many of his fellow free-soloists have fallen to their deaths, but Honnold is not afraid. For him, the world holds only two possibilities: perfection or death.
Academy Award Winner 2019

Previous Festivals: TIFF, Telluride

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Directors: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin
Production: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin, Evan Hayes, Shannon Dill
Production Company: National Geographic Documentary Films
Editing: Bob Eisenhardt
Cinematography: Jimmy Chin
Music: Marco Beltrami