United States 2018, 80 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Yayoi Kusama’s art is so vivid and full of life that it’s hard to believe it comes from pain. The world’s most successful Japanese artist (who recently sold a piece for over 7 million dollars) grew up in a conservative, ignorant and violent home. Her climb to the top was hindered not only by racism and sexism, but also by the very early onset of mental illness and by the hallucinations that came with it and never went away. Kusama turned these hardships into a giant engine for success, shocking the international art scene with a series of political performance pieces and provocative nude installations. Today, at 90, she still makes art at the mental institution’s studio, connecting the dots to make a path to infinity, “the only place where there’s still hope”.

Previous Festivals: Sundance


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Director: Heather Lenz
Production: Heather Lenz, Karen Johnson, David Koh, Dan Braun
Production Company: Goodmovies Entertainment, Submarine Entertainment
Script: Heather Lenz, Keita Ideno
Editing: Keita Ideno, Shinpei Takeda, Carl Pfirman
Cinematography: Hart Perry, Hideaki Itaya
Music: Allyson Newman
World Sales: Luke Brawley (luke@dogwoof.com)


Heather Lenz is passionate about documentaries and biography films. She is drawn to stories about people with creative minds who have not walked the beaten path. Her first short documentary about a bicycle inventor, Back to Back, was nominated for a student Academy Award and screened in film festivals worldwide.