Ireland / United States 2019, 94 min, English and Italian, Hebrew subtitles

It was Letizia Battaglia’s camera lens that first exposed the atrocities committed by the Sicilian mafia. A daring trailblazer, the photojournalist captured the Cosa Nostra in black and white and told the world the truth about the complete devaluation of human life, the ritual murders, and the mafia’s absolute control of society and economy through constant threats. Battaglia, a housewife who got fed up with an oppressive marriage, divorced her husband and turned to photography almost by accident (“before that, I wasn’t even human”). She continued her fight against the mafia in her political career and led an unorthodox lifestyle, which included a series of young lovers. Her life and work are interwoven with scenes from big-screen classics, in a film that, at times, feels too much like a blood-chilling thriller to be a documentary.

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Berlinale, Vilnius International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Hot Docs, Dublin Film Festival

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Director: Kim Longinotto
Production: Niamh Fagan
Production Company: Lunar Pictures
Editing: Ollie Huddleston
Soundtrack: Michelle Fingleton
Music: Ray Harman
World Sales: Charades (


Kim Longinotto films rebels and outsiders, from a family court in Tehran to Indian female pioneers. Her many award-winning films include Divorce Iranian Style; Gaea Girls; Runaway; The Day I Will Never Forget; Sisters in Law; Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go; Rough Aunties; Pink Saris; Salma; and Love Is All.