United States 2018, 98 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Studio 54 opened in Manhattan more than forty years ago and remained open for less than three, but it’s still the talk of the town. The club that redefined the New York nightlife was a temple of hedonism and ecstasy, a lodestone that drew in the beautiful, the successful, the glamorous, the young and the restless. Director Matt Tyrnauer (Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, screened at Docaviv) deftly reassembles footage from the club’s glory days (back when it was still called a “discothèque”) into a cinematic disco-ball, and interweaves it with stories of the lucky ones who got in and those who met with disappointment at the doors. In a revealing interview, co-founder Ian Schrager also talks about the fall of the nightclub that enjoyed too much success.

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Tribeca

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Director & Production: Matt Tyrnauer
Production Company: Altimeter Films, Passion Pictures
Editing: Andrea Lewis
Cinematography: Tom Hurwitz
Music: Lorne Balfe
World Sales: Altimeter Films (graham@altimeterfilms.com)


Matt Tyrnauer is a writer, director, producer, and award-winning journalist whose recent films include Valentino: The Last Emperor, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was short-listed for an Academy Award for best documentary feature.Tyrnauer is also an award-winning journalist, who has written for Vanity Fair, where he has been editor-at-large, special correspondent and is now a contributing editor.