United States 2018, 96 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

The story of Bobby, Eddie and David sounds incredible even before the dark secret behind it comes to light: three young Americans run into each other by chance and discover that they are brothers—identical triplets separated at six months old and adopted by three different families without ever learning the truth.
At 19, Bobby, Eddie and David look like poster-boys for happiness. America falls in love with their ready smiles and charisma as they constantly celebrate their reunion. But little by little, the cracks in their happiness begin to show, and they decide to investigate how they came to be separated, who knew about it and what exactly the “specialists” who had followed their development as children wanted.
Even more surprising than the story of the brothers’ chance meeting, the truth revealed in the film is shocking and very disturbing.

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Miami Film Festival 2018, Cleveland international Film Festival, San Francisco IFF, Wisconsin, Hot Docs, Newport Beach Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Provincetown Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival


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Director: Tim Wardle
Production: Becky Read
Production Company: Cnn Films, Channel 4
Editing: Michael Harte
Cinematography: Tim Cragg
Music: Paul Saunderson