United Kingdom 2018, 80 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

She is perpetually dissatisfied, swears incessantly, dreams of learning Chinese, refuses to talk about the Sex Pistols and never takes off her renowned platform shoes—the same ones Naomi Campbell wore when she tripped on the catwalk.
At 77, Dame Vivienne Westwood still pedals around London on her bike. The woman who started sewing at 11, became one of the iconic faces of Punk. Shocking London with provocative outfits, she has remained a persistent pain in the establishment’s backside, now with a noble title, as her designs grace the galleries of museums. But even from the heart of the docile bourgeoisie, she continues to surprise. She is a loud activist and a bold, subversive designer, but mostly, she refuses to let anyone stand in her way as she changes the world.

Previous Festivals: Sundance


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Director: Lorna Tucker
Production: Shirine Best, Eleanor Emptage, Nicole Stott, John Battsek
Production Company: Finished Films Production, Tdog Productions, Passion Pictures
Editing: Paul Carlin
Music: Dan Jones
World Sales: Luke Brawley (luke@dogwoof.com)


Lorna Tucker began working behind the camera and jumping on tour buses with rock bands creating tour videos and music promos. She moved into directing documentaries, writing scripts and creating more experimental video art projects for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Nike, Redbull and ShowStudio.