About Docaviv

The Docaviv NPO is at the center of one of the most innovative, vital, and surprising creative arenas in Israel – that of documentary filmmaking. The non-profit organization provides a wide variety of unique platforms throughout Israel for documentarians and their work, exposing new audiences to the field, and encouraging the making of creative documentary films that examine and expand the boundaries of the genre.

Docaviv, the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, is the only festival in Israel focusing entirely on documentary films and is considered to be one of the leading documentary festivals worldwide. The program includes an annual screening of more than 110 new documentaries from Israel and abroad and four competitive frameworks: The Israeli Competition, the International Competition, the Depth of Field Competition, and the Student Competition. From 2018 the program will include a Short Film Competition as well. The festival also features a special tribute program to the work of esteemed filmmakers, as well as programs dedicated to the themes of music, art, and society among others. One such program focuses on alternative documentary cinema and works that make use of new technology–including Virtual Reality.
As a festival that aims to encourage the creation and dissemination of influential, moving and powerful films, Docaviv hosts a range of multi-faceted workshops and meetings with the world’s leading documentary filmmakers, including Michel Gondry, Alan Berliner, Ondi Timoner, Brett Morgen, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Claire Simon, João Moreira Salles and others. The festival holds a number of industry events, including one-on-one meetings between Israeli filmmakers and international guests, and DOC-LAB-TLV – a rough cut lab with international mentors.

The ten-day-long celebration of documentary cinema takes place in the main venue of the Tel Aviv Cinematheque where most of the screenings are held. In 2017, Docaviv films were also screened, admission free, at twelve locations across the city including the Port of Tel Aviv, Habima Square, and various other sites.

Each year, the Docaviv NPO awards Israel’s largest prize for an original Israeli documentary production, alongside awards for the Best International Film, outstanding student filmmakers, and an additional prize in the Depth of Field framework for innovative and inspiring documentary films from around the world.

In an effort to expose as wide an audience as possible to documentary filmmaking, the NPO has also established two regional festivals outside of Tel Aviv: Docaviv Galilee, held in Ma’a lot Tarshiha, and Docaviv Negev, held in Yeruham, as well as dozens of documentary film screenings at cultural centers located throughout the country.

In 2017, Docaviv initiated Docaviv Cinema – monthly screenings of the greatest documentaries of the year at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

» The 20th Docaviv International Film Festival will take place on May 17-26, 2018 in Tel Aviv
» Docaviv Galilee took place on November 7-11, 2017
» Docaviv Negev took place on December 13-15, 2017


Festival Director: Galia Bador
Artistic Director: Karin Rywkind Segal
Producer: Yooki (Yael) Ben Shaul
Program Manager: Yaara Ozery
Line Producer: Noa Dasberg
Friends of the Festival Liaison & Marketing: Michal Ron
Production Coordinator: Tomer Cooper
Website: Rani Einav
IT Solutions: Amir Ozer
New Media: Nitzan Pincu

NPO Members

Docaviv – NPO for promotion of documentary film founded by Ilana Tsur

  • *Shalmor Rami (Chairman)
  • Dr. Angle Michael
  • *Esteron Yoel
  • Atty. Bogot Amiram
  • Butel Michal
  • *Biton Yehuda
  • Sali Ben Zvi
  • Ben Shaul Ruth
  • *Atty. Ben Shachar Aharon
  • *Berenstein Arik
  • Gilat Iris
  • Galezer Doron
  • Day Gal
  • *Dr. Duvdevani Shmulik
  • Dor Galia
  • Garbuz Alon
  • Lev Dafna
  • Lubetzki Tzvi
  • *Litani Prizan Tamar
  • Weiss-Berkowitz Ronit
  • *Mayer Michael
  • Magnat Dalia
  • Mozer Nilly
  • *Josianne Meitar Tsvia
  • Manor Iri Gabriel
  • Mastechkin Dalia
  • Rachel Marani
  • Marmari Hanoch
  • *Nechama Nira
  • *Sela Sara
  • Perry Nava
  • Fabian Miri
  • Fishbain Einat
  • Prof. Pekelman Dov
  • *Tzur Ilana
  • Koren Dalia
  • Koren Hagai
  • Rabin Ehud
  • Atty. Roberts Richard
  • Rosenheimer Timna
  • Shlomi Yehiel
  • Shlomi Yehudit
  • Dr.Shani Hadassa
  • Shavit Sharon

*Board members of the Association