THU | 2.6 | 13:00-9:00 | Closed event

The pitching event of the Woman Films Documentary Hub of the NFCT

Eight women filmmakers will present their documentary projects in development, including trailers, in front of an audience and will receive feedback from a panel of commissioning editors and other professionals, including the NFCT Artistic Director, Mr. Ron Goldman and Docaviv Director Ms. Galia Bador. The event will be moderated by NFCT Executive Director, Ms. Dorit Inbar.

Program Director: Irit Shimrat
Program Producer: Astar Goldberg
Program Mentors: Noit Geva, Vidi Bilu, Jasmine Kainy
WomanFilms Hub Supporters: The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, The Fidelio Foundation, Ms. Anat Kerem-Angel, Ms. Ora Stibbe (Anata), EMID/Matanel

This event will be held in Hebrew

The projects

Talk It Out

Shakked Auerbach

It took me 30 years to realize that the family I grew up in, was shaped by a word no one dared utter: Autism. My brother's loneliness, being apart from my mother, the complex relationship I have with my family, were all affected by this syndrome and particularly by the attempt to deny it.

Yung Yiddish

Noa Ben-Shalom

Mendi's life's work to save books in Yiddish and his library at the Central Bus Station in Tel-Aviv are facing the final threat – the station is about to be shut down. The film tells the story of a dying culture and the hopeless battle of one Don Quixote to save it.

Growing Pains

Roni Benisti

Romeo and Juliet 2022. Between the riots in Jaffa and the hipsters of Tel Aviv, Jewish Roni and Arab-Christian Mario maintain their romantic relationship against all odds. Will their families' embrace be enough to sustain this relationship or is it doomed to exist in constant conflict?

Tamar Golan – The Mystery in White

Emmanuelle Mayer

In the shadows of Israel's foreign relations is Tamar Golan, the mysterious woman in white, a trusted confidant of the leaders of Israel, Arab countries and Africa. The film fractures Tamar's iconic figure and exposes the great rapture that shaped her life, till the moment she chose to die.


Avital Koren-Benacot

This is the story of Shir Peled, the first woman to serve in a special IDF unit of soldiers disguised as Arabs and her battle to gain personal, social and public recognition for the PTSD she has suffered from since her service.


Eliya Swarttz

A rocket scientist, a copywriter and a Bible teacher set out on a Don-Quixote-like battle, on sailboats, against a huge natural gas field off the shores of Israel, as part of the largest environmental movement in the history of the country, albeit family concessions they must make and enormous financial losses.

The Projects

Hava Rokhlin

Several housing projects across Israel, from Rosh Pina in the north to Dimona in the south and their inhabitants, will open a window into a forgotten and surprising human existence. They will provide a look into the current state of Israel's housing projects – the most common social and architectural phenomenon in the past, which is now designated for destruction.

Blood Ties

Nechama Yehoshafat

On a quiet Friday evening 21-year-old Osher knocked on his mother Martha's door. When she opened – he murdered her. This unthinkable act opened a Pandora's box of complex questions about victim and perpetrator, sanity and insanity, what is on the surface and what lies beneath. The film dives into the psyche of the protagonists in an attempt to decipher this very human duality, of the light and the shadows that exist in all of us.