Whole Family

In the midst of the pandemic, siblings cope with the death of their father through dark humor and video calls with faraway relatives.

Goodbye First Love

Being in the area, he visits the man who was his lover when they were 18. In a uniquely styled film—part documentary, part reenactment—they talk about their time together, knowing that this meeting may be their last.

The Passing

A veterinarian comes to help his neighbor through one of the hardest days of her life. A gentle and compassionate documentary about the extraordinary bond between humans and their dogs—a bond put to the test when they are forced to say goodbye forever.

Valley Pride

In the heart of the Californian desert, there is an upside-down world where nature is reinvented through the interface of man, machine, and the lust for profit. A disturbing snapshot of reality underscored by a hypnotic electronic hum and monumental visuals.