United States / Germany / France 2023, 90 min, English, French, Icelandic, Italian and Spanish, English subtitles

In a flowing loose-fitting gown, hands gripping the arm extension rods sewn into the fabric, wing-like silk swirling harmoniously, she dances, alive with dazzling colors—thus, in the early days of cinema, was Loïe Fuller immortalized. She was an artist whose mesmerizing performances captivated audiences and earned her a place in history. The serpentine dance she had invented was a wildly original spectacle by a performer who embodied the Belle Époque with her whole being: her artistic audacity, confidence in her body, and sexual liberation. Fuller’s remarkable biography unfolds as a dialogue that ties her life’s fascinating milestones to her influence on a wide range of artists today—from fashion designers, dancers, and painters to set designers, puppeteers, and pop stars—proving that the flutter of her butterfly wings from that famous dance is still sending out ripples through the world.

Previous Festivals: DOCNYC, International Rome Film Festival

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Screening Schedule:
  • Mon 27.05 | 16:45 | Cinematheque 3
  • יום ד' 29.05 | 15:30 | Cinematheque 1
  • שבת 01.06 | 20:30 | Suzanne Dellal Centre, Main Courtyard | Hebrew subtitles only.

Sabine Krayenbühl is an award-winning filmmaker with over twenty theatrical documentaries and narrative features to her credit. She co-directed and edited Letters from Baghdad, which showed in the US in over 70 venues and was broadcast on PBS, ARTE and the BBC.

Zeva Oelbaum is an award-winning filmmaker and still photographer. She co-directed and produced Letters from Baghdad. Oelbaum also produced Ahead of Time, a feature length documentary about journalist Ruth Gruber, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival before garnering six Best Documentary awards.

Production: Sabine Krayenbühl, Zeva Oelbaum
Production Company: Between the Rivers Productions
Editing: Sabine Krayenbühl
Cinematography: Bob Richman, Claudia Raschke
Sound Design: Eddie O’Conor
Music: Paul Cantelon

Source: Autlook Filmsales