Israel 2024, 69 min, Hebrew and Arabic, Hebrew & English subtitles

Bedouin shepherd communities who live in the magical spaces of the Jordan Valley, have to survive in very difficult conditions and deal with a variety of pressures and threats. The communities are accompanied by Israeli human rights activists. The film follows the complexity of the ‘human layer’ that disturbs the peacefulness of the desert and awakens ancient struggles. All this, against the backdrop of, and perhaps in contrast to, the wonderful scenery of the desert.

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Screening Schedule:
  • Fri 24.05 | 16:15 | Cinematheque 1 | Filmmaker Present
  • יום ד' 29.05 | 14:30 | Cinematheque 2 | Filmmaker Present | After the screening, a Q&A session with the filmmaker will be moderated by Udi Nir.

Documentary film editor, political activist.

Production, Production Company, Script, Editing, Cinematography & Research: ‪Hadara Oren‬‏
Sound Design: Avi Mizrahi
Music: There is no music

Source: ג'יי.אמ.טי.פילמס | JMT Films - Michael Treves