Israel 2022, 78 min, Hebrew, Arabic and English, Hebrew & English subtitles

The Tel Aviv municipality has founded “My Neighborhood” elementary school in its southern region. It will have pupils from all walks of life – including refugee’s children. In an outrageous move, they have cleared half of the buildings associated with the longstanding religious school “Roots”. This partnership was forced upon two principles, Shachar Feinshtein and Elior Tourgeman. They must arrange for living in the same compound where non-Jewish refugee children learn just 40 steps away from orthodox children, while working in an extremely challenging neighborhood where gentrification, secularization, and the demand to expel refugees tear its community apart.

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  • Sun 29.05 | 19:00 | Cinematheque 1 | Filmmaker Present
  • Thu 02.06 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 3 | Filmmaker Present
  • Fri 03.06 | 10:00 | Cinematheque 5
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Gad Aisen, Tel Aviv University graduate in film and television, director and film producer specializing in documentary. his film "Rockfour – Time Machine",was opening film 2020 DocAviv film festival. Earlier films in DocAviv "Open Heart" (2016) and "A Song of Ascension" (2018) in collaboration with director D. Ofek

Manor Birman is a content editor and producer who worked in The sports Channel (Sport5) for 15 years. He was responsible for both the historical-documentary channel and the channel's audio platform in his last role. He produced “Toklomati”(2019) . This is his first film with director Gad Aisen.

Production & Script: Gad Aisen, Manor Birman
Production Company: Gad's Films
Editing: Noga Weizman
Cinematography: Gad Aisen
Research: Gad Aisen & manor Birman, Rachel Nechushtai
Sound Design: Ronen Nagel
Music: Haim Frank Ilfman

Source: Gad's Films

Supporters & Broadcasters: KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, Mifal HaPayis