Netherlands / China 2021, 99 min, English, Chinese, French and Greek, Hebrew & English subtitles

Trade relations between Greece and China are getting closer thanks to an unexpected protagonist: marble. The same marble used long ago to carve the columns and statues of the Parthenon is now used to mass-produce historic-looking replicas in Chinese factories, with heavy machinery and laborers working around the clock. From the Greek quarries, the prized blocks of marble are shipped to China. On their way, they meet traders, designers, artists, and replica makers who have never laid eyes on the original works they reproduce countless times. The next stop is Europe, the U.S., Qatar, or Chinese parks, where the final products stand beside copies of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and other landmarks. Joining us on this surprising (and eye-catching) journey are identical twins Marianna and Sofia, who are determined to build an emotional and economic bridge between the two countries.

Previous Festivals: IDFA, Visions Du Reel, Thessaloniki Doc Film Festival

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Screening Schedule:
  • Thu 26.05 | 21:00 | Cinematheque 2
  • Wed 01.06 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 2

Sean Wang is a Hui Chinese director based in Beijing. He graduated from the Communication University of China and Beijing Film Academy with a Television Directing BA and a Screenwriting MA, respectively. His first feature-length documentary LADY OF THE HARBOUR was premiered at IDFA 2017.

Production: Jia Zhao, Zijian Wang
Production Company: MUYI FILM, TOAG
Editing: Tao Gu, Claudio Hughes, Sean Wang
Cinematography: Xiao Xiao, Carles Muñoz Gómez-Quintero, Sean Wang
Research: Sean Wang
Sound Design: Jeroen Goeijers
Music: Jeroen Goeijers, Soviet Pop

Source: Jing Xu