Germany 2021, 65 min, English and German, Hebrew & English subtitles

It’s not easy to be in an close relationship with a man whose job requires him to wear different personas. How does one become truly close with someone who tries to erase himself so he can perfectly portray a character? When filmmaker Katharina Pethke met renowned Austrian stage actor Philipp Hochmair, she tried to find ways through the actor’s shell, to see him bare, find the immutable core, the part that remains the same on and off the stage. The star of the play Jedermann (“Everyman”) sweeps Pethke off her feet with the force of his charisma. Their relationship is deceptive: closeness often turns into anger, and intimacy into confusion. She translates her attempt to figure out which man stands before her at each moment into a personal relationship journal which, filmed in lyrical black and white, oscillates between reality and fiction.

Previous Festivals: DokFest Leipzig, Crossing Europe

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Screening Schedule:
  • Sat 28.05 | 14:45 | Cinematheque 2 | Filmmaker Present
  • Mon 30.05 | 15:45 | Cinematheque 2 | Filmmaker Present
  • Watch Online | The film will be available From May 26th until June 5th

Katharina Pethke studied German language and literature, art history and visual communication in Hamburg before moving to the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in 2003, where she graduated in 2010. Her films won numerous prizes, awards, artist-in-residencies and scholarships.

Production: Katharina Pethke, Julia Cöllen, Karsten Krause, Frank Scheuffele
Production Company: Fünferfilm UG
Script & Editing: Katharina Pethke
Cinematography: Katharina Pethke, Eric Bossaller, Philipp Hochmair
Sound Design: Clemens Endreß
Music: Die Elektrohand Gottes

Source: Fünferfilm UG

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