Israel 2022, 60 min, Hebrew, English and French, Hebrew & English subtitles

Meir Eshel, a 22-year-old beach-boy from Southern Israel, buys a one-way ticket to Paris and re-invents himself as an artist calling himself Absalon. He quickly rises to art-scene stardom, showcased by the most prestigious museums worldwide: the Venice Bienalle, Centre Pompidou Paris, Tate Modern Gallery London, Israel Museum.
Absalon’s success was short-lived – almost 7 years pass since his arrival in Paris until his tragic death, during the peak of his success at the age of 28.
More than 25 years later, his younger brother Dani Eshel’s first assignment as estate manager – is to sell Absalon’s final art piece.
Through his journey we learn about the life of a unique Israeli artist.

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Screening Schedule:
  • Sun 29.05 | 19:00 | Cinematheque 3 | Filmmaker Present
  • Thu 02.06 | 12:45 | Cinematheque 3 | Filmmaker Present
  • Sun 05.06 | 10:15 | Tel Aviv Museum - Recanati Auditorium | Filmmaker Present
  • Watch Online | The film will be available From May 29th at 7 P.M. until June 5th

David Ofek - Sam Spiegel Film School graduate with honours.
Wrote & Directed feature films, documentaries, and TV series.
Among his work: “No. 17 – anonymous” (Winner at Docaviv, HOTDOCS, IDFA), "The Barbeque People", "The Legend of Nikolai and the Law of Return".
The tv series "Metir-Agunot", "Divorce/Denied" and many more.

Amit Azaz - editor and director.
Graduate of the Tel Aviv University Film Dept , 1991.
For over two decades Amit was an editor for television shows and films in a wide variety of genres. He directed a number of films, including the documentary "Ha-Alufa". He currently works as a psychotherapist and emotional therapist.

Created by & Script: David Ofek, Amit Azaz
Production: David Noy, Yoram Ivry
Production Company: Cinemax Productions Ltd.
Editing: Yarden Kum
Cinematography: Yoram Ivry
Research: Amit Azaz, Sharon Hammou
Sound Design: Rotem Dror
Music: Asaf Talmudi, Gal Aviram

Source: Cinemax Productions Ltd

Supporters & Broadcasters: Yes Docu, Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Mifal HaPayis