Netherlands / United Kingdom 2021, 68 min, English, German, Polish and Yiddish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Three minutes of footage are the only living, moving, colorful testimony that remains of the townspeople of Nasielsk, Poland. In those three minutes, shot by David Kurtz in 1938, the camera passes people, houses, and signs. What lies hidden in those moments? What memories of life in the town, before it was obliterated during the Holocaust, can we find if we examine the footage closely, moment by moment, gaze by gaze? Glenn Kurtz, David Kurtz’s grandson, tries to solve the mysteries of this rare roll of film, uncovered in his parents’ house in Florida. Maurice Chandler, who appears in the footage as a young boy, watches the footage with him. Will seeing these sights over and over save them from being forgotten? Actress Helena Bonham Carter narrates the film.

Previous Festivals: TIFF, Sundance, IDFA, Telluride, DOC NYC

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Screening Schedule:
  • Fri 27.05 | 10:00 | Cinematheque 3
  • Tue 31.05 | 19:15 | Cinematheque 3 | A screening with editor Katharina Wartena present
  • Thu 02.06 | 10:30 | Cinematheque 4
  • Watch Online | The film will be available From May 26th until June 5th

Bianca Stigter is a historian and cultural critic. She made the short film essays Three Minutes - Thirteen Minutes - Thirty Minutes and I Kiss This Letter. She is associate producer of Steve McQueen’s films 12 Years a Slave and Widows.

Production: Floor Onrust, Steve McQueen
Production Company: Family Affair Films, Lammas Park
Script: Bianca Stigter
Editing: Katharina Wartena
Cinematography: David Kurtz
Sound Design: Mark Glynne
Music: Wilko Sterke
Narrator: Helena Bonham Carter

Source: Autlook Filmsales