Germany / Brazil / Mexico 2021, 93 min, Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

On foot, on dirt roads, with giant trucks speeding by, on the roofs of rickety buses, in wagons—Lilian makes her way from Guatemala to the Mexico-US border, holding her four children close to her body, hoping that there, in Tijuana, they can get across the fence to a better life, or at least one where they are free from men’s oppression. Lilian and her children are part of a migrant caravan: thousands of people who all share the same dream. The long line of the caravan protects them. The road is hard, but here they are safe from kidnappers and sex traffickers, and in this huddled existence, unexpected bonds are forged. When they reach their destination, Lilian discovers that the thousands of kilometers have left their mark on her. She is a different woman now, a stronger woman with a new outlook on life.

Previous Festivals: Guanajuato International Film Fest, DocsMX, DokFest Leipzig

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Screening Schedule:
  • Sat 28.05 | 14:15 | Cinematheque 4 | Filmmaker Present
  • Thu 02.06 | 13:30 | Cinematheque 2 | Filmmaker Present
  • Watch Online | The film will be available From May 26th until June 5th

Jakob Krese grew up between former Yugoslavia and Germany. He studied Cinematography and Directing in Berlin, Havana and Sarajevo. His films have been shown at numerous festivals, like IFFR, Palm Springs, Guanajuato, Busan and DOK-Leipzig. In 2019, he co-founded the production company Majmun Films based in Berlin.

Danilo Do Carmo was born in the south of Brazil. He studied cinematography and editing in São Paulo and Berlin. La Espera, his directorial debut together with Jakob Krese, premiered at IFFR in Rotterdam in 2020 and has been shown at numerous festivals around the world.

Production: Annika Mayer, Bruna Epiphanio
Production Company: Majmun Films, Olhar Através
Editing: Sofia Machado
Cinematography: Arne Büttner, Danilo do Carmo
Sound Design: Rubén Valdes

Source: Majmun Films

Supporters & Broadcasters: Goethe-Institut Israel

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