Thursday | 2.6 | 13:30 | Cinematheque 2

What Remains on the Way – Master Class with filmmaker Jakob Krese

What Remains on the Way is a documentary about migration and crossing borders. It is set in 2018, when thousands of people from central America set out together, fleeing from poverty and violence to the U.S. Among them Lilian, a single mother from Guatemala finds the courage to leave her violent husband and embark on a journey to cross the US-Mexico border with four children. This inspiring documentary invites its audience to see the complex and ambivalent nature of migration stories and the bravery of the women that lead this way.

The masterclass which will be led by filmmaker Jakob Krese will dive into verite style documentary cinema as a way to shed light on current and global political issues and give space for the main protagonists of these stories to take control over their narratives. In addition, the filmmaker will share his insights from the process of developing a short documentary – La Espera (2018) – to a feature documentary.

Moderated by filmmaker Keren Shayo

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut Israel

Jakob Krese

Jakob Krese grew up between former Yugoslavia and Germany. He studied Cinematography and Directing in Berlin, Havana and Sarajevo. His films have been shown at numerous festivals, like IFFR, Palm Springs, Guanajuato, Busan and DOK-Leipzig. In 2019, he co-founded the production company Majmun Films based in Berlin.

Keren Shayo

Keren Shayo is an Israeli documentary filmmaker. Her films deal with social and political issues that evoke perceptual and social change. Among her most notable works is the film “Sound of Torture” (Yes Docu, NETFLIX, ARTE, PBS, SVT, AL JAZEERA).The film premiered at the IDFA festival in 2013, it was nominated and won various awards, among them: The Israeli Academy Award, the European Oscars, Docaviv Festival and more. The documentary series “After Midnight, the Best Kept Secret in Town” (Yes Docu, 2021) Received excellent reviews and was nominated for the Israeli Academy Awards. The documentary series “A Guide to Gentrification” (Hot 8, 2021) was nominated for the Israeli Academy Awards and won the Best Series award in the Documentary Forum


About the film

What Remains on the Way

Lilian and her four children are fleeing Guatemala and making their way to the Mexico-US border in a migrant caravan numbering thousands. The road is hard, but it gives birth to unexpected and heartwarming human bonds, and the journey's end brings with it a new outlook on life.