In honor of Aliyah Week 2021, Docaviv is proud to present a special selection of Five films that explore, celebrate, and spotlight the unique experiences of ‘Olim Chadashim’ (new immigrants) in Israel. Presented in partnership with the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, this collection of films features stories of Olim from around the globe, such as films profiling break-dancers from the former Soviet Union, a Holocaust survivor from Paris, the remarkable Operation Solomon, and more. Join us and become part of their stories.

DocOlim will begin with an opening event at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on Thursday, October 7th which will include the screening of Babylon Dreamers (2016) directed by Roman Shumunov, followed by a dance performance featuring the subjects of the film. We will screen one film each evening of the following week, from October 10th to 14th, in community centers around the city.

Opening Event

Thursday | 7.10 | 19:00 | Cinemateque 3

Israel 2016 | 90 min. | Hebrew and Russian | English & Hebrew subtitles

This intimate report from Israel’s periphery tells the story of a troupe of dancers from one of Ashdod’s poorest neighborhoods. Immigrants from the former Soviet Union, they overcome the difficulties, challenges, and crises that life imposes, and cling to their dream of attending and winning the International Breakdance Championship.

10-14.10.21 Screenings

With No Land

Director: Kobi & Alamork Davidian | 80 min.

Thirty years after Operation Solomon, which brought 15,000 Jews from Ethiopia to Israel, the dangerous actions of the Jewish Ethiopian activists that led to the operation is uncovered.

Post-screening Q&A with the director

Israel 2021 | Hebrew, English & Amharic | English & Hebrew subtitles
Monday | 11.10 | 20:00 | Community Center Lev Yaffo House Fico Italy

Just Like the Queen of England

Director: Micha Shagrir | 88 min.

A French boy, street-smart and charismatic, is left to fend for himself after the Nazi Occupation of Paris leaves him without his mother. The 69 years that came after were an emotional journey that is only now being truly examined. Layer by layer, the past and present of David Bergman unfolds into a dramatic story of longing and strength. From the Paris of his childhood to the kibbutz of his youth, from the national stage to his private studio, Bergman travels with filmmaker Micha Shagrir in this starkly intimate film, showing an unshakable and unforgettable emotional tenderness.

Introduction by Benjamin Freidenberg (Content Manager & Director of Digitization, Micha Shagrir Collection)

Israel 2010 | Hebrew, French & German | English subtitles
Tuesday | 12.10 | 20:30 | Neve Tzedek Community Center

The Bentwich Syndrome

Director: Gur Bentwich | 70 min.

The saga of a restless and relentless Anglo-Jewish Family, which according to the founders of the dynasty served as God's gift to Zionism and enlightened Judaism, is exposed by the director, a member of the family himself, from an alternative, implausible and humorous angle.

Post-screening Q&A with the director

Israel, UK 2015 | Hebrew, English | English & Hebrew subtitles
Wednesday | 13.10 | 19:30 | Magid Community Center

Violeta Mi Vida

Director: Or Sinai | 50 min.

Post-screening Q&A with the director

Debora will do anything to make the Bat Mitzvah of her daughter Violeta as happy and glamorous as possible. An event so great which will help them forget the harsh everyday reality they live in.

Israel 2012 | Hebrew & Spanish | English & Hebrew subtitles

Thursday | 14.10 | 20:00 | Florentin Community Center