Monday 30.5 | Tuesday 31.5

Two special open-air screenings

Enjoy great music and superb documentaries in a historic venue with a gorgeous Tel Aviv seaside view. For the best experience, we recommend getting there an hour early to catch the sunset and relax with a drink.

​**Free Entrance**

1 Rekhav’am Ze’evi Gandi Street, Tel Aviv (just north of the Tel Aviv Port, at the historic lighthouse complex, Reading)

Monday | 30.5 | 20:30

Facing Monsters

The bigger, taller, and more unpredictable the waves are, the stronger Kerby Brown’s burning urge to conquer them. In a film overflowing with breathtaking visuals, the Aussie surfer’s remarkable personality is revealed as he faces waves nobody has dared to face before.


Tuesday | 31.5 | 20:30

Songs for Drella (1990)

Lou Reed and John Cale’s touching and intimate farewell concert to the late Andy Warhol, who managed the Velvet Underground, remains as relevant as ever, even 33 years later. The superb digital restoration makes this classic (and Ed Lachman’s masterful cinematography) even more delightful.