Detail from: “Portable Us — Journey Anywhere Nowhere Everywhere”. Photo: Michael Shvadron

Tuesday | 06.07 | 20:30 | Cinematheque 2

A series of short presentations showcasing convention-defying documentary work

A series of short presentations showcasing convention-defying documentary work that offers new perspectives and expands the boundaries of the genre by exploring novel forms of cinematic expression, applying an interdisciplinary approach, or utilizing innovative technology.

The audience favorite will win the NEXT! Award.

Curated by Ori Levin and Tal Yahas

This event will be held in hebrew

Just Another Mammal

Michal Baror

A fictional portrait of two anonymous human skulls found in the ‘Beit-Hankin' Museum. The skulls become the subject of various interpretations that fail to fill the gap between seeing and knowing.

The First Moments of Marwa el Sherbini

Noa Gur

A documentation of a reversed reenactment performance portraying the events in which a Muslim woman was murdered during her courtroom testimony in Dresden, Germany (2009). The performance was created for the tenth commemoration day of the event.

The Naked Astronaut

Haviv Kaptzon

A video essay exploring the emergence of human language. Through a unique archeological find—a prehistoric tongue bone (hyoid) found in the cave of Kabara—Kaptzon seeks to return to the birth of language and the separation of man from the inanimate world.

The Day After

Roy Menachem Markovich

An artist residency in Ukraine is interrupted following a global plague, a case that starts a sequence of small disasters in the artist's life. ''The Day After'' shifts between horror and humor, truth and fiction.

Two People Will Come, With Balloons

Hadas Neuman

While her mother is undergoing surgery, the director documents the waiting process and whimsically examines whether she could control reality through the act of filming.

Portable Us — Journey Anywhere Nowhere Everywhere

Charles Weinberg and Shai Ben-Ami

A documentation of three contemporary jet journeys, through airports and virtual spaces examining the traffic of people, objects and data.


Gaston Zvi Ickowicz

On the National Memorial Day for Israel's Fallen, the Jerusalem Masada scout tribe members install an annual art exhibition. A three-channel video documents an ensemble of artifacts charged with symbols of fortitude and bereavement as they are confronted by contemporary reality.