A La Calle

Leopoldo López has managed to unite hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans in protest against Maduro, the dictator who led their country to an economic freefall. The attempt to restore democracy costs López and other opposition leaders dearly. The film captures three years of rare social solidarity.

A Reason to Live

The Second Lebanon War left Jonathan Levin paralyzed and unable to speak. Holding his writing hand, Adva helps him to seek meaning in his life. Shot from Jonathan's point of view, the film invites viewers to a fascinating, extraordinary inner world.

Downstream to Kinshasa

Almost two decades after they got injured in the Six-Day War in Congo, a group of outraged civilians journey to the capital by boat to protest against the indifference toward them. This intimate film follows their odyssey from up close and is completely devoid of self-pity.

Imad's Childhood

Imad is not yet five, and already he has spent half his life in ISIS captivity. The horrors he had experienced and the violence ingrained in him cannot be erased. His intensely emotional journey toward recovery is facilitated by his mother, his grandmother, and an exceptional therapist.

Inside the Red Brick Wall

The underground Collective of Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers covered the 2019 student protests from an unusual angle: they joined the protesters, marched shoulder to shoulder with them and spent tense weeks trapped beside them under a police siege, oscillating between hope and despair.

Not Just Roads

New highways being constructed in India are dramatically changing the locals’ lives: poor villagers and nomadic populations give way to an emerging middle class, while agriculture is replaced with dreams of profiting from real estate. The camera moves between them all, showing the events from unexpected angles.

On This Happy Note

While preparing for her death, Anat Gov calls upon Kneller, the agent who will be the executor of her will. Their last recorded conversation is a dialogue on life, death and creation. Anat wishes to leave a spiritual legacy to those who will remain after she is gone: there can be a happy ending.

Two Minutes to Midnight

An all-women  government of a fictitious country must take a stand on an imminent nuclear threat from a foreign nation. The film is the final stage of the hybrid-experimental project “What if Women Ruled the World.”


When the system denies her teenage daughter’s right to an abortion, Vicenta goes to war. The story of her struggle against the Argentinian establishment—and the ensuing social and political change in her country—is told in this film using Plasticine models, which portray Vicenta’s experiences with compelling accuracy.

Walk the Tideline

When the tide recedes, passionate beachcombers in the UK, the Netherlands, and Japan, go treasure hunting. They find colorful and enticing objects, mysterious messages from other times and other places. These objects are a fraction of the mountains of plastic we cast into the ocean. For some, they are enchanting.