Fifty Old Dogs

What happens when owners can no longer take care of their old dog? Moral dilemmas arise frequently at “Hofshi” (“Free”), a dog retirement home, and escalate rapidly when facing the threat of being shut down.

Gen Tree

In a town where the adults live on the ground and children on the treetops, a series of interviews sets out to discover - what is it that the generations misunderstand about each other?

Greeting From the Hilltop

Two paralleling stories; the first is about the everyday life of the hilltop youth on the hill where they live, the second is the personal story of the filmmaker searching fot the ideal masculine identity.

Hadar HaCarmel

A portrait of Haifa's neglected neighborhood Hadar HaCarmel, told through the stories of a few of its most intriguing residents who still remember its glorious past.


Ten-year-old Na'ama deals with a big philosophical question regarding life & death. Working on her father's ranch that raises cattle for slaughter makes her question the meaning of life.

Rothschild 16

Rothschild 16 is where Israel first declared its independence 73 years ago. For Palestinians, this event marks the "Nakba" ('catastrophe'). The film discusses the formation of memory surrounding a historical site with a dual meaning.

Vacant Space

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of combat fighters gathers virtually for the annual Memorial Day meeting. The casual conversation through the screens takes an unexpected turn.

We Used to Sing

From Moscow to Tel Aviv. A family of four women in a small Tel Aviv apartment: the loneliness, the sisterhood and the longing.