Here are three ways to enjoy the short films: watch several in one go by attending an in-person screening at the cinematheque, watch individual shorts online, or buy our online short film pass for only NIS 40.
Friday | 2.7 | 12:00 | Venue Cinematheque 2
Thursday | 8.7 | 18:00 | Venue Cinematheque 5
Saturday | 3.7 | 14:30 | Venue Cinematheque 2
Friday | 9.7 | 12:00 | Venue Cinematheque 5

Mon | 05.07 | 18:00

Short Films Panel: Making Short Docs
in the Festival and Digital World

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A chase where mesmerizing imagery is paired with a disturbing text raises poignant questions: are humans, like this herd of antelopes, galloping to their doom?

The Girl Who Didn't Know What to Do

The solar system is shaking, a girl sheds a tear, and a monster drinks blood. Personal childhood drawings and stories raise questions about hereditary melancholy.

My Uncle Tudor

The filmmaker carefully makes her way through her picturesque family home, slowly illuminating disturbing childhood memories.

The Game

The soccer referee cannot afford to doubt himself, even for a moment. Not when he faces the players, the fans, the linesmen, and his father, who watches from the stands as always.

The Communion of My Cousin Andrea

Andrea is unsure about God's existence, but one thing she does know: the communion ceremony needs a serious glam-up.

Listen to the Beat of Our Images

The story of the space center in French Guiana is pieced together from archive footage, which coalesces into memories—simultaneously personal and collective.

Your Street

They named a street after her, out on the edge of town. Was this a compromise between needing to remember and wanting to forget?

When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest

A survivor's memories of the Cambodian Genocide are reconstructed using original 3D animation and archive footage.


People wearing helmets and lab coats play ping-pong and traverse rocky underground passages at the bottom of an Armenian salt mine shaft. What are they looking for?

When We Were Bullies

How easily do we turn into bullies? Fifty years after a schoolyard incident, the filmmaker searches for answers.

Voices Apart

Three young people talk about the day they crossed the line that separated reality from hallucination—and began hearing voices.

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