A Jewish Life

Marko Feingold, a survivor of four World War II concentration camps, devoted his life to helping Jewish survivors reach Palestine. He shares his tumultuous tale with breathtaking clarity and has no qualms about revealing the associations between his memories and the present.


This 1994 documentary by Ilana Tsur examines the 1948 episode of the Altalena, a ship whose fate nearly incited civil war in the newly-established State of Israel. A special screening - in the memory of Ilana Tsur

Apples and Oranges

Around 350 thousand youngsters from around the world came to work in the kibbutz during the 1970s - 80s. Ideology, adventurism and hormones turned the volunteering movement into a hot trend. Why did it end? How many broken hearts were left behind?


As mass protests rage on the streets of Belarus, with people demanding the Prime Minister's resignation, an independent fringe theater troupe tries to stage a political protest play. They know what they are doing is very dangerous, but what seems to take real courage is maintaining a sense of normalcy and keeping up with their day-to-day lives.

Final Account

They weren’t the big monsters—they were the rank-and-file Germans who ran the Nazi machine's routine operations: bakers, drivers, cleaners, accountants, soldiers. The last of the old Nazis give a very intimate account, revealing what they knew, what they repressed, and how come they didn't say “no."

Hot Blood

Daniela (16) and Ohad (17) dream of winning the World Kickboxing Youth Championship. Alongside the demanding lifestyle of training, they face strong opposition from their Caucasian families to the violent sport. Will their persistence and perseverance come to fruition?

Le temps perdu

For 17 years now, they have been gathering at a bar in Buenos Aires to read and reread "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. The readers have grown incredibly close to the text (and to each other). So close that life and fiction are beginning to blend together.

Miracle Fishing

When American scientist Tom Hargrove was kidnapped in Colombia, his loved ones, who could not pay the 6-million-dollar ransom, decided to negotiate with the kidnappers on their own. Hargrove's son filmed the entire ordeal with his 8mm camera. Now, 20 years later, he revisits the footage to understand what really happened. A Discovery+ Original

Rebel Hearts

When the world around them started talking about feminism, gender, and race equality, The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary did not stay silent. Little by little, they began to change the rules and refused to give up even when the Catholic Church declared war on them.

Ride the Wave

With medals under his belt, 14-year-old champion Ben Larg sets his sights on a new challenge: to conquer one of the world’s biggest waves in the icy waters of Mullaghmore, Ireland. This beautifully shot film follows Ben through his teenage years on a journey toward an incredible achievement.


This animal shelter in Amsterdam is a place of miracles: animals and humans burdened with emotional and physical pain learn to comfort each other. With great patience and a lot of faith, bonds of unconditional love form between them.

Silence of the Tides

The powerful landscape of northern Europe's Wadden Sea is ever-changing: darkness and light, high tide and low, storms and stillness—and amid all that: tens of thousands of birds, fish, and mammals, including humans, all come and go, repeating fragile cycles. This breathtaking nature is the backdrop for everyday dramas.

Skies Above Hebron

Amer, Anas, and Marwaan, three Palestinian boys, are fenced in—surrounded by military checkpoints, armed soldiers, and hostile Israeli settlers. Only their pigeons have freedom there, freedom to fly away. The film follows the boys for five formative years. What lives do they dream of living?


27 years ago, when Stjepan rescued a wounded stork who could not fly south with her flock, he had not imagined that he would be sharing his life with her and male stork partner—who faithfully returns every year—and with dozens of baby storks. A heartwarmingly beautiful story about one man and two lovebirds.

The Eternal Flame

The Physical Immortality Group was popular in Tel Aviv in the 1980s, functioning as the Israeli branch of Eternal Flame – an American group that believed in eternal life. Chaos ensued following the breakup of the group’s leaders, a polyamorous throuple.

The Extra-Ordinaries - Roni Kuban on a Journey to Loneliness Part 1

The Extra-ordinaries is docu-series that focuses on people and communities marginal to Israeli society, outside the mainstream norms. In this chapter, the first of two, Roni Kuban meets extremely lonely people on their journey to solution or reconciliation.

The First Woman

After six years in a closed psychiatric ward, Eva is about to be discharged. She dreams of building a new, "normal" life for herself. She finds a job and new love, but will she be able to reconnect with the son who was taken from her twenty years ago?

The Meaning of Hitler

What was the secret of Hitler’s charm? How is it that people still worship him? And how is any of this related to culture, consumerism, and even technology? Determined to solve the riddle, Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker (Karl Marx City) set out on a meandering journey full of surprises.

The Truffle Hunters

Deep in the forests of Italy's north-western Piedmont region, a group of eccentrics follows keen-nosed dogs in search of treasure: rare and expensive truffles. A humorous film about refined tastes, culinary traditions, and true indulgence.