Eight men and women of different ages and backgrounds embark on an emotionally-fraught journey. All of them were sexually abused as children. Speaking with incredible honesty, they shed a powerful light on the darkness faced by one in five girls and boys in Israel.

Bobi Wine: The People's President

Ugandan ghetto pop star Bobi Wine rises from singer to leader and hero of the people as he fights to restore democracy in his country, persisting in his grueling struggle even when the cost is painfully high not only for him but also for his wife and children.

Free Money

When GiveDirectly starts giving away money to poor Kenyan villagers, they stir up a storm: those who get paid are thrilled, but what about the rest? A young local woman has her dreams of an education shattered, and the neighboring village seethes with envy. Is this the solution to poverty?

Is There Anybody Out There?

Ella Glendining was born with a disability that sometimes makes it hard for her to walk but never stops her from dancing. She has never met anyone who looks like her, and when she goes searching, she finds new ways of thinking about bodies, disabilities, functioning, and difference.


14-year-old Kiki is sentenced to juvenile prison for violence and drug offenses. His sister, Gal convinces the authorities to give him one last chance: a therapeutic trip to the desert.

To Kill A Tiger

When his 13-year-old daughter was raped, Ranjit, an uneducated Indian farmer, set out on an unprecedented fight for justice against the authorities, his community, and tradition. The film opens a rare window into the world of a man whose love for his daughter transformed him into a hero.

Wedding Night

The First Night is an intimate film that takes us on a journey, capturing the time when ultra-Orthodox couples who have lived in complete separation from the opposite sex until marriage connect, marry and become husband and wife.

While We Watched

Much like elsewhere, freedom of the press in India is gravely threatened, but acclaimed Indian journalist Ravish Kumar refuses to give up. A film that follows him for two difficult years reveals his relentless fight against fake news, ratings, sedition, and propaganda, and for courageous, reliable, and free journalism.